Gin & Sonic

by Alpine Ghost

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Gabriel Ruffin
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Gabriel Ruffin A buddy of mine showed me this album about a year ago, and I still listen to it regularly. Excellently done, just the type of music I'm looking for. Favorite track: on the stoop.
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Avante-Garage music highly influenced by the taste of guacamole.

howls&guitar - steven yardley
saxophone = will mcmaster
backup vox: louisa stancioff
trumpet: julian sterns
bass: rudy bentlage
drums: tyler breckenridge // george kusserow


released January 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Alpine Ghost Canton, New York

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Track Name: funksoul for the vulgar herd
lets dance in thought.

lets walk no line
beside the middle.

lets keep it simple.
keep it simple.

chew the blame
but we all run the rain.
the rain is in our D.N.A.

you love in white & black
you have a heart attack
now you want it back?

love you bypass
love you hijack

repeat myself
year after year
run together.
Track Name: smoke show
She was a smoke show (SMOKE SHOW)
She was red hot (RED HOT)
Could not resist even if...
She was into devil shit.

She tried to eat my soul 2X
Just like a fat egg roll.
Soul Egg Roll.

She said to me
with razor lips
I'll love you like
banana splits

that didn't phase
my libido
I was drunk
she smoked a bowl

She tried to eat my soul 2X
Just like a fat egg roll.
Soul Egg Roll.

Baby babe, why do I love you? (BABY)
Baby babe, why is my mind goo? (OH YEAHHH)
Baby... Where are my gym shoes?

with your soul
there's no more booze
and no more bowls

I'm a woman MAN!
Nottta toy.
The devils dines
on horny boys.

She tried to eat my soul 2X
Just like a fat egg roll.
Soul Egg Roll.
Track Name: swaying seasons
the autumn spun in snow and sun
I spill the seasons on my tongue.

I packed my trunk to see you punks
rocking out in summer months

you and i without a care
before the winter hearts and frozen hair

sometimes life is subzero
but my friends are solar flares

you gave me reason
thru swaying-seasons
thru swaying seasons

the cards that you're dealing
got me feelin' GOOD.

(GOOD, Real GOOD.)

we joke and josh about pishposh
more flavor than tabasco sauce
we run around this stupid town
keeping fingers crossed.
Track Name: shotgun seat
slowdown, uptown.
smoke the cloudy grey.
world too big to know.
world too dumb to change.

share a slice of sky.
take the shotgun seat
we will let it go.

dance the towns and lakes
dance with drunk bluejays
smooth like the days of may
swaying thru the maze
Track Name: gin and sonic
happy unhurried
with chicken curry
cooling down in sound
no worry

and if you knock it,
we still will rock it.
a sonic gin & tonic
harmonic chronic.

can't waste another day
running in place
we should run around the moon.

shooting the moon with you
and the serotonin shoots

(bang bang pow)

do you feel full as the moon?

have a chuckle
the cards will shuffle
best friends hang around
and do the hustle.
Track Name: on the stoop
its ongoing... a smile is a sign of trust growing between us.
when the leaves rust, we wander round the campus.
time to live easy.
staying real steezy like Ken Kesey.
like Weezer, not Weezy.
FRE$HER than the breeze be.

Late night on the stoop,
Thoughts to shoot – gimme the scoop.
Float like parachutes 2X
Sip on moonlight & moonshine
Laughs roll & unwind
Love the incline
Love to unwind
Peace of mind
Whatta good time

Recline 4X

Late night pizza, can I get a bite?
Even cops are taking shots at doughnut shop tonight.
Be my Mona Lisa,
I will patch your kite
Flying at the speed of light.

I gotta wallet full of paper
and a heart of gold,
never get old.
& I'm college enrolled
& I'm rolling the dice
cutting you a big slice
of my paradise.